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The Mindset of the Coding Goûter

In french, “goûter” means both “afternoon party”, and “to taste”.

A Coding Goûter is a place where families have fun coding together across generations.

The Coding Goûter is a free to use format and you are welcome to organize one as long as you are aligned with its mindset.

You are invited to contribute to the Coding Goûter community, you can start by referring to its site ( put link here)


Preparing a coding goûter means meeting the following conditions:

  • We go together to discover the joy of programming with the family
  • THERE ARE snacks
  • Everyone who shows up are equally participating, regardless if they are kids or parents.
  • Every participant is invited to learn and share her knowledge
  • Participants can walk across the coding space and participate in whatever activity they decide to do so
  • It's free and anyone brings snacks ( not sure this will apply just like this within Ale16)


It was a good coding goûter if…

  • There was no teacher explaining what to do and how to do it,
  • There are kids of all ages,
  • Everyone eats cookies when she wants and orange juice lays dangerously close to computers keyboards,
  • There are kids of all ages, adult and everyone has learned something from everyone,
  • Participants are free to use whatever programming language and tools they want to try,
  • Children decide what hey want to build even if it's not a video game,
  • There are as many girls as boys, and even more,
  • No one wants to teach no one, but anyone is willing to help everyone to achieve whatever she decided to achieve,
  • There is a show where the open coding snack participants can demonstrate what they have done,
  • There is plenty of paper for the drawings,
  • I have helped somebody I don't know (or that I already knew maybe)
  • Someone that was just passing by helped me
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